Banking | WebKrit Infocom



Bank Management:-

  • Head Office Creation
  • Branch Office Creation
  • User Creation


Account Management:-

  • Account Type Creation (Saving/Current/Recurring/FD/etc.)
  • Interest Rate Defining on Account Types
  • Employee Management
  • Employee User and Roles Management
  • Cheque Book Management
  • Demand Draft Management
  • Cheque Bounce Charges Management


Customer Management:-

  • Account Creation
  • KYC Document Management
  • Cheque Book Issue Management
  • Draft Issue Management
  • Nominee management


Transaction Management:-

  • Cash Deposit Management
  • Cheque Deposit Management
  • Cash Withdraw Management
  • Cheque Cancellation Management
  • Cheque Status Update Management


Verification Management:-

  • KYC Document Verification Management
  • Signature Verification Management
  • Transaction Verification Management


Employee Management:-

  • Add New Employee as Staff
  • Employee Details with their date of joining and monthly salary
  • Employee Attendance (monthly report) can be imported to application via Biometric Device with our sample format of excel sheet


Inventory Management:-

  • Vendor Creation for purchase
  • Item Creation for Purchase
  • Purchase Order creation
  • Store Purchase details with invoice no and date of purchase
  • Item issue to Branch
  • Item Issue to Staff
  • Official Bill’s/Branch Bill’s payment


Cash Book Management:-

  • Transaction Header Creation for Deposit/Withdraw Cash Flow as Transaction Type
  • Add Deposit Details with date and Transaction Type and Transaction Description
  • Add Withdraw Details with date and Transaction Type and Transaction Description
  • Deposit and Withdraw can be made through Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft
  • Deposit / withdraw through cheque transaction will be re-processed / reflected in cash book after cheque is clear


Reports Management:-

  • Reports for all modules will be generated separately
  • Reports can be generated in PDF format, Excel format
  • Reports can be downloaded in PDF format, Excel format



  • Above mentioned modules of intranet web application are prepared only for usage of internal office staff.
  • This application is not for public usage.
  • Customer of bank/bank account holder cannot access this application via WWW.
  • ATM machine related features are not mentioned/developed in this application
  • ATM card related features are not mentioned/developed in this application.